Our guiding belief is that everyone possesses the potential for expressive, poignant movement. Starting here, we look to extend our reach beyond the limits of the stage and to create performance experiences incorporating both performers and audience. Further, we want to develop collaborative shows that feature other performance companies, artists, and individuals not typically encouraged to perform and dance.

Atelier is pronounced: a-təl-ˈyā

Atelier is a French word meaning studio or workshop, typically an artist's workshop. We call ourselves Atelier5 in reference to breaking through the fourth wall in theatrical performances because we seek to interact directly with the audience.

How did we come on this name you ask? In a planning session a former board member from Belgium, where French is one of their three (!) official languages, suggested atelier. The rest of us talked about how to represent a different way to view and experience dance which lead to the use of the number five.

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