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Jenna Monroe

Jenna Monroe is a current dance instructor for Spindrift School of the Performing Arts and Artist in Residence at Oceana High School in Pacifica.  She also co-directs requisitedance alongside Travis Rowland and Michaela Shoberg.  Her love of modern dance began at San Francisco State dancing with Cathleen McCarthy, Susie Whipp, Paco Gomes, and Wendy Dimond.  She was a member of University Dance Theater from 2003-2007.  Her choreography has been performed at the American College Dance Festival and at McKenna Theater.  In 2007, her choreography got her selected to receive a very generous grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  Jenna would like to thank Spindrift School of Performing Arts for their continued support as well as the Irene Scully Foundation.